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SB 472 40-hour Professional Development and 80-hour Follow-Up (Passport) allocations for elementary school and middle school teachers were redirected with the passage of the 2009-2010 California State Budget in February 2009. Legislators voted to consolidate SB 472 categorical funds, retroactive to July 1, 2008, into district block grants. Restrictions as to how the monies were to be used were relaxed. Each district will determine how their block grant monies will be directed. Since the 80-hour Follow-Up (Passport) program is a district-sponsored activity, please contact your district representative for Passport information. The Administrator Training Program (formerly AB 430) 40-hour Practicum Passport program did not change with the 2009-2010 California State Budget.

Information about the English-Language Arts Passport for Elementary School Teachers

Information about the English-Language Arts Passport for Middle School Teachers

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