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Readings to Inform the Profession
(Published 1999, New Edition with a foreword by Louisa Cook Moats, Ed.D. in 2008: 453 pages)
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Authors: Collection of Articles Written by Numerous Authors

For Teachers and Administrators, K-3: Anthology of thirty-three articles written on beginning reading instruction aligned to the scientific research on reading. Authors include G. Reid Lyon, Marilyn Jager Adams, Charles A. Perfetti, Sally E. Shaywitz, Isabelle Y. Lieberman, Connie Juel, Joseph K. Torgesen, S. Jay Samuels, Steven A. Stahl, Marcia K. Henry, Linnea C. Ehri, Keith Stanovich, Barbara R. Foorman, and others. There are eleven topics addressing the school's first mission, defining scientific research, phoneme awareness and letter knowledge, decoding sounds and words, assessment, building fluency, vocabulary: word meaning, word study: for spelling and reading syllables, morphemes, comprehension strategies, reading independently to learn, and foundations for teacher education. This publication is a useful resource for professional development. It was published under the California State Board of Education in 1999 and reprinted.