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Skills Assessment Supplements

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The Skills Assessment Supplements were developed to help teachers focus on the language arts standards as well as monitoring student progress. Three supplements per grade level (Forms A, B, and C) are available free of charge to school districts and LEA's that have purchased the Reading Lions Center's 6-8 Week Skills Assessments for the current academic year. These forms may be used in any order and independently of each other. Each supplement has different questions assessing student's proficiency with the grade-level standards.

Formal directions for administering the Skills Asssessment Supplements have intentionally not been included, to allow flexibility in their use for assessment and instruction. Time limits have not been suggested for any section. Districts or individual schools should develop their own administration guidelines. However, it is recommended that students independently read the directions and answer the questions prior to receiving teacher support. Additional instruction and practice should be provided for students who are unable to independently read and follow directions.

To view sample pages of our Skills Assessment Supplements, click on the pdfs.

Grade 2 Form A Teacher’s Booklet Page 7* (pdf)

Grade 2 Form A Teacher’s Booklet Page 8* (pdf)

Grade 2 Form A Teacher’s Booklet Page 9* (pdf)

* The reading/language arts grade level standards are listed in the teacher's materials booklet at the beginning of each test section.