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QEIA Professional Development Tracking System FAQ

Welcome to the QEIA Professional Development Tracking System, a service of the Reading Lions Center of the Sacramento County Office of Education and the technical assistance centers for the Quality Education Investment Act.

Besides the list below, see the built in suggestion/question and response area of the tracking system via the "View all submitted suggestions" link after you log in.

Q's and A's

Do I have to be a principal to use the system?
NO. You simply create an account in our Client Account Manager and then "certify" that you are a QEIA administrator, which means that you have been assigned responsibility by your principal or other administrator to manage the data on the QEIA Professional Development Tracking System.
Do I have to choose the "function" of principal when I register myself to use the tracking system?
NO. All you have to do is (1) be registered as employed by the school you want to enter QEIA data for and (2) "certify" yourself as an authorized QEIA administrator.
How do I get more information about QEIA itself and its requirements?
Use the links at the top of this page to the California Department of Education's information pages about QEIA and to the QEIA technical assistance centers or email northqeiata@scoe.net (north) or QEIATA@lacoe.edu (south).
I'm a new principal at my school and I don't know how to access the old principal's account.
No need to worry about the old account. You just need your own.

If you have taken a training (or performed other functions) through our system (http://readinglions.net/register/), you can go there, log into your account, scroll down the the "QEIA" area of the start page and "certify" yourself as the QEIA administrator for your school.

If you do not already have an account, then go to our QEIA PD Tracking overview page: http://readinglions.net/qeia/
There you'll get full instructions, the ability to try the demo. Use the "Create an account" link to get started. Creating an account will take a minute or so. Be sure you choose your own district and school. Then, as above:

• Log in
• Scroll down the start page to the QEIA area
• Click the "Certify yourself as QEIA administrator" link

As soon as you do that, you'll have full access to your school's PD data.

The next time you log in, just scroll to the QEIA area on your start page and use the "Go to QEIA start page" link to get right there.

QEIA Administrative FAQ

Do we add counselor hours?
Not unless they have a classroom teaching assignment.
Do we add coordinator hours?
Not unless they have a classroom teaching assignment. [NOTE: we will soon be adding special education categories and the ability to create your own staff categories.]