1st Grade Theme by Theme Resources for HMR



Theme 1 (All Together Now)


Launching the Theme:


United Streaming:

¯    The Little Red Hen


Selection 1: I Am Six


United Streaming:

¯    Going to School is Your Job (clips on Communities Working Together, Rules of the School, Responsibility)


Starfall: Bookmark this site as a resource for students to use throughout the year during Universal Access time.  Depending upon individual needs, students can practice the ABCs, try phonics activities or read and listen to decodable books that correspond to the letter combinations that have been introduced in the Houghton Mifflin Decodable Texts, or read e-books designed for beginning readers.



Selection 2: Ten Dogs in the Window


United Streaming:

¯    Working Dogs


Selection 3: Charles Tiger


No suggested online resources



Theme 2 (Surprise)


Launching the Theme:


United Streaming:

¯    Fantasy (clip on Fantasy: Where Unreal Things That CouldnÕt Happen Happen All the Time)


Cracker Jacks: The About Cracker Jack link on the official Cracker Jack home page can provide background for teachers about the ÔsurpriseÕ found in every box.  Click on Games and Prizes and take a look at MarkÕs Micro Magic Illusions to see three surprising illusions.



Selection 1: To Be A Kid


Welcome to Making Faces: Share with class the facial expressions that show different emotions, like surprise.



Starfall: Bookmark this site as a resource for students to use throughout the year during Universal Access time.  Depending upon individual needs, students can practice the ABCs, try phonics activities or read and listen to decodable books that correspond to the letter combinations that have been introduced in the Houghton Mifflin Decodable Texts, or read e-books designed for beginning readers.



Selection 2: Minerva Louise at School


United Streaming:

¯    Humor (clip on Techniques for Humor Writing: Exaggeration and Surprise)


Selection 3: JasperÕs Beanstalk


United Streaming:

¯    Humorous Verse (clips on Humorous Verse: Surprises and Unexpected Endings, Nonsense Words and Fractured Words, Drumming Up Ideas for Humorous Verse, Listening to Sound Patterns and Playing with Rhythm)


PBS: DragonFlyTV: Science Surprises: Site has descriptions of easy-to-do surprising activities for kids.  Provides background for teachers and describes possible activities to share with the class that are related to the concept of surprise, if time permits.




Theme 3 (LetÕs Look Around)


Launching the Theme:


United Streaming:

¯    Huge Tracks in the Forest


The Garden:  Click on the garden shed to enter the site.  Share various parts of the site each week with the class (see below).  To launch the theme, you might want to show the Minibeast or Bird Spotting section of the site to the class.



Science Clips: Plants and Animals in the Local Environment: Activity can be made full screen by clicking on the Full Screen button.  Students have to Ōlook aroundĶ the picture and find the living things, both plants and animals.  They Ōtake picturesĶ of the living things and can then get information about the animals and plants, which can be narrated by clicking on the speaker icon.



Selection 1: Counting on the Woods, Seasons


United Streaming:

¯    Magical Mother Nature: The Four Seasons (clips on Thinking About the Seasons, Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter)


The Garden:  Click on the garden shed to enter the site.  Select The Wood link to show the class the various critters that live in the woods.  There is a very nice printable page that could be added to the Focus Wall.  Use the hyperlinks off this page when at the computer and show students pictures and read the information about the various animals that are also mentioned in the reading selection.



The Seasons: Activities at Enchanted Learning:  Diagrams, printouts, and information about the seasons from Enchanted Learning.  Some printouts can be labeled and added to the Focus Wall.  Some printouts are available only to site members, but most are available to anyone.



Selection 2: PearlÕs First Prize Plant, Mr. CÕs Dinner


United Streaming:

¯    Stage One Science: Growing (clips on What Helps Seeds to Grow?, A Closer Look at Seeds)


The Garden:  Click on the garden shed to enter the site.  Select the DIY Garden link and students can create their own garden by dragging and dropping items to the top of the page.



Plants: This page from Enchanted Learning has links to diagrams and information about plants.  Some pages can be printed and some can be labeled and added to the Focus Wall.  Some printable pages are only available to site members, but many pages are available to anyone.



Selection 3: Hilda HenÕs Scary Night, What a Trip!


United Streaming:

¯    Junior Oceanographer: Life in the Sea (clips on The Abundance of Sea Life, Whales, What Are Some Special Ocean Adaptations?, Life in the Ocean)


Oceans and Seas at Enchanted Learning: Diagrams, information and printouts about fish and ocean life that can be assembled into books or added to the Focus Wall.  Some printouts are available to site members only, but most are available to anyone.




Theme 4 (Family and Friends)


Launching the Theme:


United Streaming:

¯    All About Families (clips on Many Kinds of Families, What Families Do Together, The Joy of Families All Over the World)


Family Tree: Printable family tree



Week 1: An Egg is an Egg, WhoÕs in a Family?


United Streaming:

¯    What is a Family? (clips on Families are Different, Two Kinds of Families, Family Fun)


My Brother is a Robot: Narrated, animated e-book about a new little brother in the family.  Requires Flash.  Students can listen to the story as they read the text.  Click the arrows to move to the next page.



Week 2: The Secret Code, The Best Pet


United Streaming:

¯    Where Do You Live? (clip on School, Hobbies and Pets)


Pet Care Đ Dog: Fun and Games: Information about Fun and Games with dogs that teachers can paraphrase and share with children.  Click on the Cartoon: Teaching Your Dog to Sit link and show a short animation about the right way to train dogs to do tricks.



Week 3: Caribbean Dream, BudÕs Day Out


No suggested online resources



Theme 5 (Home Sweet Home)


Launching the Theme:


United Streaming:

¯    Everybody Needs Shelter (clips on Basic Needs, Animal Shelters, Different Types of Shelter, Shelters in Communities, Shelter on a Farm, Temporary Shelters, Choosing a Shelter, Shelters Long Ago, etc.)


Animal Homes: This page from the BBC Science and Nature site includes pictures of a variety of animal homes that could be shared with the class.



Homes and Other Dwellings At Enchanted Learning: Rhymes, crafts, printouts and information about homes.  Use the site to prepare to teach the unit.  Some of the printouts may be added to the Focus Wall.



Selection 1:  Two Japanese Frogs, Moving Day


United Streaming:

¯    Oceans Alive: Homes


Hermit Crab Houses and Their Stinging Guests: The site provides information about experiments with hermit crabs and their homes and provides background about hermit crabs for teachers.



Seashore Surprises: Watch a video clip about seashells as homes by clicking on the Watch Video link.



Selection 2:  The City Mouse and the Country Mouse, Me On the Map


United Streaming:

¯    This is Our World (clips on The Globe, Countries and Borders)


Houses around the World: Pictures of homes from various exotic places in the world that could be printed and posted to the Focus Wall.



K-3 Geography Activities at Enchanted Learning: Maps from the site may be printed.  Students can mark Ôtheir placeÕ on a variety of maps (the world, the United States, California).



Selection 3:  The MouseÕs House, The Kite


Where Do I Live?: Interactive activity matching animals to their homes from the BBC.  Students can choose two levels of difficulty and set the time to complete the task.



Habitats: A site about various animal habitats created by primary children in the UK.  The site includes pictures and easy-to-read information.




Theme 6 (Animal Adventures)


Launching the Theme:


United Streaming:

¯    Animals Around Us (clips on Animal Neighborhoods, Forests, Grasslands, Wetlands, Deserts, Human Habitats)


¯    Animal Features and Their Functions (clips on Animal Body Coverings, Movement, Eating, Animals and People are Different)


WhereÕs The Animal: Mouse over pictures to find hidden animals and then read about them.  This could be an activity done with the whole class to launch the theme.



Animal Printouts: Use this site from Enchanted Learning to prepare for the unit.  Animal printouts may be labeled and added to the Focus Wall and information about the animals mentioned in the reading selections may be shared with students.



Selection 1:  Fox, Alligator and Rabbit, The Sleeping Pig


Fox: Diagram and information about the fox from Enchanted Learning.



Alligator: Diagram and information about alligators from Enchanted Learning.



Rabbit: Diagram and information about rabbits from Enchanted Learning.



Pigs, Swine, or Hogs: Diagram and information about pigs from Enchanted Learning.



Selection 2:  Tiger and Anansi, EEK! ThereÕs a Mouse in the House


Bengal Tiger: Diagram and information about tigers from Enchanted Learning.



Spider Printouts: Links to information and printouts of spiders from Enchanted Learning.



Mouse: Diagram and information about mice from Enchanted Learning.



Selection 3:  Life in the Rainforest, Red-Eyed Tree Frog


United Streaming:

¯    Habitats: Homes for Living Things (clip on Rainforest Habitat)


A Walk in the Rainforest: 20 slide slideshow.  Take you class on a Ōvirtual tripĶ to a rainforest by showing the slides and talking about what they are seeing.



All About Rainforests: Page about rainforests with links to diagrams and information about rainforest animals from Enchanted Learning.




Theme 7 (We Can Work It Out)


Launching the Theme:


United Streaming:

¯    Tuffy Makes Tough Decisions: TuffyÕs Tough Decisions (clips on Choosing Friends, Talking to Your Friends About Decisions)


Out on a Limb: A Guide to Getting Along:  Site provides narrated text and pictures with strategies for getting along so that children are more apt to be able to solve problems that they might have with others and know better strategies for getting along. 



Selection 1: Tops and Bottoms, That Toad is Mine!


United Streaming:

¯    I Had It First! Learning to Share (clips on Sharing is a Way to Resolve Some Conflicts, A Sharing Story)


Selection 2: The Crow and the Pitcher, Lost!


Safe, Smart, Survival!: Page for kids from Texas Parks and Wildlife about strategies for handling a difficult situation É getting lost.  This site will provide background and information for teachers that they can share when the class reads Lost.



Selection 3: The Grasshopper and the Ant, If You Give a Pig a Pancake


No suggested online resources



Theme 8  (Our Earth)


Launching the Theme:


United Streaming:

¯    Taking Care of Our Earth (clips on Natural Resources, Water, Air, Soil, Garbage, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Plastic)


Selection 1:  Eight Years Old and Going Strong, The Forest


United Streaming:

¯    Forest


Solid Waste and Recycling:  Site will provide background for teachers about garbage and recycling.  Share the Put Waste in Its Place page with students (page may be printed and added to Focus Wall) and the class can try the Disposal Quiz together.



Selection 2:  The Ant and the Chrysalis, Butterfly


Butterfly Cams:  Show the class video clips of a monarch feeding on nectar, a swallowtail feeding and a zebra longwing emerging from a chrysalis.



Change Đ Life Cycles: Pictures and information about butterflies, frogs and cows.



Selection 3:  Paul Bunyan, Johnny Appleseed


United Streaming:

¯    Tall Tales (clip on Stories from the Days of Early America: Paul Bunyan, John Henry, and the Origin of Tall Tales)


¯    Apples


¯    Plant Lifecycles (clip on Lifecycle of an Apple Tree)


¯    Johnny Appleseed



Theme 9 (Special Friends)


Launching the Theme:


United Streaming:

¯    LetÕs Get Along!: Making and Keeping Friends


Selection 1: Animal Helpers, When I Am Old With You


United Streaming:

¯    Working Dogs


Training a Guiding Eyes Dog: The site created by elementary students describes the special training of a dog so that it can become a guide dog for the blind. 



Selection 2: Frog Helps Snake, A New Friend


No suggested online resources


Selection 3: Natural Habits, The Surprise Family


The Chick Hatchery:  Watch a time-lapse movie clip in QuickTime of a chicken hatching from an egg.  Most of the waiting time has been edited out. 




Theme 10 (We Can Do It!)


Launching the Theme:


Freedomknot:  The Freedomknot site shows a step-by-step Flash demonstration of how to tie a shoe. Click on Enter and then click on Menu.  Click the Ōlearn 2 tie your shoeĶ link in the top navigation bar.  Teachers can share the site with the class as they talk about things students have learned to do recently.



Selection 1: The Pumpkin in a Jar, Two Greedy Bears


No suggested online resources


Selection 2: Stone Soup, Fireflies for Nathan


Summer Night Lights: A page of information about fireflies that will provide background for teachers.



Selection 3: Frog Tricks Loud Rabbit, The Hat


No suggested online resources